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Security is Multifaceted

Our data center meets the high requirements for data security and data protection as well as building security. Benefit from the latest security standards regarding air conditioning, on-site security, fire protection and data security.

Air Conditioning

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The uninterruptible power supply of our high-performance air-conditioning technology is based on N+1 redundancy and an air-conditioning configuration of N+1 per IT room. The average power consumption per rack with air cooling only is 4.66 kW per rack - with additional water cooling of 25 KW per rack (max. 10 per room). The supply air temperature is between 18 and 27 ° C and 30 % to 70 % relative humidity. To ensure optimum air conditioning, all racks are located in a closed cold aisle.

On-Site Security

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We also focus on optimal security when it comes to our on-site security. This is supported, for example, by our continuous fence system & entrance gate with climbing protection, our 4-zone security concept, video surveillance of fences and doors, including the electronic burglar alarm system, as well as a guard service that is on duty 365 days a year and around the clock. Access to the building is controlled via a multi-level control system with personalized access cards. In addition to racks secured with a lock or optionally with a card reader, cages with access control are also available.

Fire Protection

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When it comes to fire protection, you can benefit from our very high standards: Our data center has several independent and separate fire protection and safety sections. In addition, only non-combustible or flame-retardant materials were used during construction in accordance with fire protection specifications. A deep-grounded lightning conductor system over the entire outer shell was also installed. In addition, all rooms were equipped with multi-sensors for temperature and smoke monitoring. The IT rooms also have a smoke aspiration system (ASD) and a nitrogen-based gas extinguishing system, gas outlet nozzles with sound reduction (hard disk protection).

Data Security & Data Protection

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Your data is in the best hands in our high-security environment. We offer you storage capacities under German data sovereignty, conformity with current data protection regulations, a connection to German Internet nodes and TÜV certifications.

Security Control

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Monitoring of all operational and hazard detection systems is ensured by a dedicated Operation Management Center (OMC) operating around the clock.

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